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Re: number format should be localized

Hi Alberto,

Il giorno lun, 16/02/2009 alle 14.01 -0500, Alberto ha scritto:
> *Giuseppe* wrote:
> > I am wondering if this number could be formatted according to the page
> > locale. In Italian it should be 25.113 while it is 25113.
> Absolutely I don't agree.
> In 1982 Sandro Pertini (former President of Italian Republic) signed a 
> law that oblige everyone to use the International System (in Italy, of 
> course). (*)
> According to CGPM (**) dot "." and comma "," are ONLY a decimal 
> separator and NEVER a thousand separator.

while I might agree with you on what should be used as separators (and
I'm not, currently), I am not asking here to use a peculiar one just for
web pages.
My question is about supporting locales for formatting these numbers
related to quantities on our web pages.

Then, if you think Italian locale is wrong in Debian, please submit a
bug report against the relevant package.


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