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Re: Encoding problems with check_trans.pl

Hi Andrei!

You wrote:

> > > and whaddaya know, it works for me!
> > 
> > Hmm, which version of perl and MIME::Lite are you using?  I tested this
> > on etch, an I'm sure it doesn't work, but it might have been fixed in
> > newer versions of perl and/or MIME:Lite.
> $ dpkg -l perl | grep ^ii
> ii  perl                                5.10.0-18                          Larry Wall's Practical Extraction and Report Language
> $ dpkg -l libmime*
> un  libmime-perl                        <none>                             (no description available)

> If I install libmime-lite-perl (3.023-1) and revert the patch it still 
> doesn't work.

Hmm, there was an ancient version of MIME::Lite embedded in the
repositry.  I've updated it now, but I doubt it makes any difference...

I also tried with sid just now and it works perfectly here (both with
the old and new MIME::Lite).  
Are you sure it isn't gmail screwing up things?  To be honest, I'm out
of ideas of what the problem could be...

Are any other translators able to reproduce this problem (i.e.,
check_trans.pl sending emails using the wrong charset or encoding)?  


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