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Re: Encoding problems with check_trans.pl

On Du,14.dec.08, 15:00:05, Bas Zoetekouw wrote:
> Hi Andrei!
> You wrote:
> > The messages sent by the check_trans.pl script are breaking the Romanian 
> > special characters (actually mutt shows the "<83>" as "\203" and "<9f>" 
> > as "\237").  Since I don't know perl I can't tell if I'm doing something 
> > wrong or it's some bug. My locale is ro_RO.UTF-8 and the $mailbody used 
> > looks like this (and 'file' claims it's utf-8 text):
> Ah, I think I found the problem: check_trans.pl was not ignoring the
> commented lines in romanian/.wmlrc.  As that file has a commented-out
> ISO-8859-2 line, that was used instead of the uncommented UTF-8
> line.
> I just committed a fix to CVS.  Could you please check if that indeed
> solves the problem?

Nope, same problem. If I add -g then I get the same output as running

 iconv -f iso-8859-1 -t utf-8 mail_user.txt

Hope this helps in diagnosing the problem.

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