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Re: Hebrew Translation for Debian About Page

>I don't know if you know any Arabic, but I guess that CSS stuff can be
>mostly copied from Arabic if it is only left-to-right versus
>right-to-left issue.

I know a little arabic, but not enough to translate :-) However, the about page, isn't translated into arabic. Also, the css page istn't localized to Arabic. The, strings are indeed translated to arabic, but there are some issues:
RTL readers expect for the menu in the right side for example. It's like how RTL books are opened. It might sound surprising (or not :0) but we open our books from the right...

I think I've done a nice job on that. I would like to submit my css file, if it is not excepted, at least I tried getting it reviewed.

>It is quite well documented in the website:

at the moment I'd rather focus on translating, and I'll be happy if someone can commit the changes for me. I hope it's not rude to ask.

>Please note that some template stuff is translated with gettext (".po"
>files). It seems that this gettext usage is one thing that is not
>documented on the website, but if you have translated any software, it
>should be very easy to do this.

I've done some work on .po files in the past using gedit (I translated exaile and deluge-torrent), so it should be fine.

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