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Re: Hebrew Translation for Debian About Page

> PS: Please quote properly (such as I did :-))
starting from now, I am quoting properly.

> Aport from the header and footer the WML file is nearly identical to
>HTML, so you can probably just copy large parts.

What about the design and the layout of the page ? I did some work on the CSS file.
It's not enough to just translate the strings of text. The Layout of the page has to be a liltte bit different.

>No, HTML is useless. Please obtain the English WML file (I sent you a
>link) and replace the English text with your translation.

Waiting for the link to wma.

And also, what are the most important pages ?

I can think of FAQ and the Getting Debian. But please point me out to others.

Cheers, Oz.

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