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Re: Timeline of the Debian project

Hi Chris,

On Saturday 12 April 2008 14:51, Chris Lamb wrote:
> Oh, that's a shame. I've tried Epiphany 2.20.3 and Iceweasel (from
> unstable). I know there are some problems with Konqueror too, but I don't
> have enough error messages to go on.

Try it yourself with konqueror? :)

> > Could you create a png or pdf, too?
> I'm not sure I can - the timeline consists of a number of horizontal bands
> with differing scales, it wouldn't be particulary pleasant to read. It was
> also be a enourmous file, a few thousand pixels wide. :)

So what? It would be still useful to have, for example for printing banners. 
Also, my browser displays very wide images just fine, and allows me to scroll 
in them easily. I think having a "real image" would be beneficial.


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