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Re: [wiki] ideal content license for wiki.debian.org


I've seen very few comments on Jon's post.

I wish we could choose a license within two month.

(I have a few stuffs to do before Lenny's freeze, but I'm willing to
keep cleaning[1] our wiki once lenny is frozen... and revamp the wiki by
lenny's release.)


[1] cleaning the wiki : translation namespace, wiki-user namespace,
wiki's template and css, merging-and-refactoring pages... and licensing
issue ;)

On Sun, 2008-04-06 at 19:35 +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> What would be the ideal license for content at
> wiki.debian.org?
> I'd like to keep this discussion separate from the
> significant issues of how a license change would be
> achieved. Practical issues and pain aside, what would be the
> ideal content license?
> I believe a DFSG compatible license is desirable, and I'd
> like to suggest the 2-clause BSD license.

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