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Re: apt-get vs Aptitude

On Thu, 20 Mar 2008, Franklin PIAT wrote:
> My rational is that some setup runs apt* updates automatically.


> If a user later use "aptitude install foo", it would install those
> updates too, which leads the user to wonder "Why is that installing
> verytinyhttpdaemon requires downloading 20Mb and tens of packages ?"
> (ok my figures are overestimated, but you get the idea;)

It won't unless you mark those packages for upgrading. If you do not,
aptitude install won't do anything besides installing the packages
that you've asked to have installed.

> What benefit would there be in documenting "aptitude install" ? 

Because aptitude is the recommended frontend, and resolves problems
far better than apt-get is currently able to do. It also properly
handles automatically installed packages, allows users to choose which
problem resolution they use, has a more powerfull package selection
method, can handle queuing actions, has an ncurses interface, can show
changelogs, can report bugs, can slice, can dice, can use the kitchen

Don Armstrong

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