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apt-get vs Aptitude

There is a discussion on

that goes like this:

Note that Aptitude is now the default package manager for Etch. Of
course AptGet is not deprecated, just we recommand using Aptitude.
Thanks for your contributions.

Best regards.

-- SalokineTerata 2008-03-08 21:32:16

Is there a replacement for statement like: apt-cache policy samba

-- LukaszSzybalski 2008-03-17 20:15:45

I don't think we should recommend using aptitude : Under aptitude,
package(s) can be under "installation pending" state (especially after
apt***** update)...

When we instruct someone to install a package, we don't want the
pending installation to occur at that time.

-- FranklinPiat 2008-03-17 23:34:17

Is it safe to recommend using aptitude in online documentation?
Is there a replacement for apt-cache policy samba in aptitude version?
What about instalation pending state under aptitude ?


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