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Re: Processed: reassign


Gerfried Fuchs wrote:
>  I'm absolutely fine with the latter (fixing conversion errors both in
> the files and in the script, breakages and stuff), but the initial
> adddition should still be done by the security team - for a start, they
> are the first to know about it, preparing it anyway. Anything else will
> just add to what made this bug report pop up, like "delays of some
> days".

It takes away too much time and in addition it's annoying to have this
stuff handled manually and not automatic. We need to focus the limited
resources of the security team on preparing the actual updates.

>  As you say that they are generated out of templates why not feed that
> directly to the script instead of having to wait for the mail to come
> around (which is known to had problems at times, too), and feed back
> propably by MUAs changed data back to the script...

The templates still need more editing until they can be sent out, the
templates generated by dak are not suitable for direct sending. Still,
the advisories are more well-formed and standardised than before, so
it should straight-forward to convert them.

The solution would be a script, which is subscribed to d-s-a, transforms
the advisory mails and auto-commits them. If a transformation error is
detected, a note can be sent to debian-www@l.d.o and fixed manually.


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