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Re: Debian testing cannot be downloaded!

> On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 07:11:24AM +0000, Ahsaht wrote:
> > > Then type "apt-get --print-uris dist-upgrade" : this command will
> > > display the list of files to download so that the result is the same as
> > > a online dist-upgrade.
> >
> > 	Thanks but this is partial solution (in fact not a solution at all)
> > because I will not be able to install programs after such upgrade.
> ? ? ?

	I tried to say "I will not be able to install programs after such upgrade 
without wasting a lot of money and time for downloading additional programs 
from remote repository on my computer or weeks of time to download them 
seperately on other' (not mine) computer with fast and cheap Internet access 
(and then wait for packages for weeks because of snail mail delays; my 
computer have extremely expensive and slow Internet access)".
	This is why I need to download all packages in a way that is usable on  
remote non-Linux computer. As far as I understand there is no standard way to 
do that (without jigdo) or at least print downloadable URLs for *all* 
available packages?
	Even if so this isn't too big trouble - I can simply collect them 
automatically (using httrack and perl -pe) from the site; a little hacky way 
but this is better than nothing.

> Once you download from an other host all the packages, move them to your
> /var/cache/apt/archive or dpkg -i *.deb

	OK, thanks.

> > 	BTW, I sent message to debian-cd and my report was ignored.
> You may try #debian-cd on irc.debian.org

	Maybe I will try this tomorrow.

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