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Re: Debian testing cannot be downloaded!

On Sat, Dec 15, 2007 at 07:11:24AM +0000, Ahsaht wrote:
> > Then type "apt-get --print-uris dist-upgrade" : this command will
> > display the list of files to download so that the result is the same as
> > a online dist-upgrade.
> 	Thanks but this is partial solution (in fact not a solution at all) because I 
> will not be able to install programs after such upgrade.

? ? ?
Once you download from an other host all the packages, move them to your
/var/cache/apt/archive or dpkg -i *.deb

> 	Is there standard way to collect *all* URLs to download for particular 
> distribution - Debian testing for amd64 in my case (to build my own ISO 
> images)? In other words I need all URLs in order to download full distro.

Not a full distro, only a netinstall here :

> 	BTW, I sent message to debian-cd and my report was ignored.

You may try #debian-cd on irc.debian.org


Simon Paillard

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