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Re: Help & advise on using WML constructs to create pages.

On Mon Oct 29, 2007 at 10:37:56 +0100, Gerfried Fuchs wrote:

> Am Sonntag, den 28.10.2007, 21:08 +0000 schrieb Steve Kemp:
> > Right section of the website beneath [english]/security/audit is a little
> >  out of date.  It is primarily out of date because the information contained
> >  there is contained in the HTML, and that makes keeping it current harder
> >  than it should be.
>  What exactly do you mean with "right section"? Am a bit puzzled about
> that.

  That was bad editing upon my part.  What I meant to say was:

    "Right now the section of the website beneath ..."

>  It is due to the using of
> #use wml::debian::recent_list


> and the file english/template/debian/recent_list.wml in which this perl
> function is coded out. Said that, you can implement near to everything
> with some tricky perl code, like grepping through the DSAs and take
> those that match 'security.*audit' or similar, though things that would
> run longer like querying the BTS, if you are refering to the lists of
> bugs and want to automatically extract their informations too, should be
> not get done in a webwml run but in a seperate cronjob and then on the
> webwml run only parse the data in a file written by the other job.

  OK I think that might be a good way forward.  I'll have a play
 around with it over the coming week.  I guess there is no real
 urgency, it just bothers me that the process is a little fiddly and
 I'm mostly to blame for that.

>  Definitely, but you will have to tweak the get_recent_list function.
> Please be extremely careful with it, it's used very widely across the
> site and people might get angry if you break it.


  I think I'll either copy that locally, or write a perl script.  The
 latter is probably the fastest way given that I don't need too
 much done.


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