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Re: Doubts and Ideas

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On 05/31/2007 07:40 AM, Javier Fernández-Sanguino Peña wrote:
> On Wed, May 30, 2007 at 10:58:43PM -0700, Don Armstrong wrote:
>>> And considering a lot of other people have infinite more
>>> understading of Copyright issues, what should we do if we can't
>>> find/contact the contributor and/or he/she decides to not relicense
>>> it? Is it possible to remove the content and rewrite it free?
>> If for some reason we can't find a contributor (or a contributor has
>> fallen off the face of the planet) we should indicate as such and
>> probably just assume that they meant to give us free reign. If they
>> decide not to license it appropriately, then we should rip whatever it
>> is out of the webpage and rewrite it.
> I proposed in the bug report the following (in addition to what Don
> suggested):
> - post to d-a that the license is going to change in X months and that
>   contributors are going to be contacted. Provide pointers to anyone feels he
>   should be contacted and isn't
> - put a News item in the website explaining that the license change will be
>   introduced in X months and do the same as with the e-mail
> After X months have gone through, the contributor's GPG emails have been
> collected, and SPI has been contacted and hold up a meeting clearing the way,
> change licence.wml as appropiate, add a *new* News item and e-mail d-a again.
> That way we are acting on good faith and nobody would have a reason to claim
> that the license change was introduced without they knowing it.

	I would like to suggest that we also have the guidelines
(see below) in place before we start collecting the GPG e-mails
and advertising the license change, which means, starting it
from inside for a couple of weeks.

>> We probably should also come up with a set of guidelines for
>> contributors so that we avoid accidentally ending up with work not
>> written by a contributor in the website too. (Or at least, have such
>> work be clearly marked.)
> Absolutely true. The place for that is
> www.debian.org/devel/website/guidelines or something similar. Anyone wants to
> start writting it up?

	This is a *very* short draft with some first ideas before
start the wml (and also because until the weekend I don't have
much free time in my hands). I'm not even sure if that is what
Javier and Don had in mind, but I hope it is useful. ;)

 * Contributions must be DFSG compatible

 * You can either assign your copyright to SPI or allow the Debian
   WWW Team to relicense your work under a compatible DFSG license
   to keep the content of the site consistent.

 * You don't need to have write access to WWW repository to contribute

 * Everybody that contributes to the WWW repository must sent a GPG
   signed mail informing about copyright details and license preferences
   of the specific piece of information being contributed, it must abide
   to the above points.

 * You don't need to be a DD to have write access to the WWW repository

 * Everybody with write access to the WWW repository must sent a GPG
   signed mail informing about copyright details and license preferences
   for all further work identified under the VCS account.

 * Everybody with write access to the WWW repository must check with
   patch-providers and other sources of information about the copyright
   and license information before commit it.

 * Translations are considered a derived work and we strongly suggest
   to keep the original license allowing Debian WWW Team to change it
   for a DFSG compatible license to keep the website consistent.

Written/Structured ideas:

	Our website is a very important part of the Debian Project,
	it is one of the main interfaces with our users, it contains
	lots of useful information and references. Considering this,
	the content of the website is licensed under a DFSG compatible

	There are mainly two ways of contributing to the website, you
	can either assign your copyright to SPI Inc. or you can
	license your contributions under $LICENSE_WWW, but we also
	request that you allow the Web Team to relicense your
	contributions under a DFSG compatible license when it is

	[ Add the information from the Joey page so it can be
 	  translated and we can document the procedure to request
	  the access and to confirm that the necessary steps were
	  taken to make sure that the contributions do not violate
 	  copyright and create license problems ]

	If you are a translator, please, be sure to check the rules
	inside your translation team before start translating a new
	document. Please, respect the "pseudo-header" structure in
	order to keep all the information about Copyright and
	License traceable.

	Ok, I was imagining that we should add a Pseudo-Header
structure to the webpages, maybe a wml info, to have the copyright,
license and authors/translators as a comment on every single page.

	As of now, we have 3687 pages, a total of 25679 web pages
translated across 34 languages. We probably need to make a call
for translator so them could check inside teams, some of them
should be using translation_maintainer and that could already

	Is that anyway close to what we are imagining/aiming? Or am
I totally wrong? :)

> Regards
> Javier

	Kind regards,

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