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Re: Doubts and Ideas

On Sun, May 27, 2007 at 06:20:40PM -0300, Felipe Augusto van de Wiel (faw) wrote:
> 	I would like to know if we have a Web Policy or if we
> should have one, some small lines, nothing complicate, just to
> say:

There's no Policy AFAIK, just the documentation at

>  - Our procedure for out-of-date pages is this, the log of removed
>    pages is here.

That would be nice, actually, an automatic mechanism that would mail the l10n
mailings everytime a batch of pages are removed could prompt translation
teams into action.

>  - We have a translation robot that is working this way

No, there's none specific for the web page.

> =========================================
> About "Who's using Debian" and CD Vendors
> =========================================
> 	It would be possible to have a very minimal system to take
> care of those submissions, I think it would help a lot people doing
> this job to keep track of what was already included and what still
> needs to be done, the system could even send e-mails to -www-cvs.

Having an automatic tool would certainly speed up the time into getting this
information into the site. There is already a template, so enforcing it would
be simple.

> 	Could it be written in PHP/Perl using a sqlite database?

Yes, why not. It would not be able to be hosted at www.debian.org, but we
could point people to an application at say, submissions.debian.net or
submit.debian.org, which would be a standalone server (no mirrors) and take
where dynamic applications could be hosted.

> 	I really think that we need to first change a couple of
> core structures in the (X)HTML code and CSS and after we can
> work on the logical and structural areas of the website. IMHO,
> it is a long term goal for at least 6 months of improving the
> underlayer until we can easier change our web face. :-)

I think we should first fix #238245 and #388141 (and for those who push to
the use of the wiki, #385797 too)



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