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Re: Improvements of the website

> MJ Ray schrieb:
> > Bastian Venthur <venthur@debian.org> wrote: [...]
> >
> >>      * I don't believe we should favor XML(-ish stuff) above simplified
> >> markup when the target audience are humans. XML is good for many things
> >> but definitely not for being edited by the casual user. [...]
> >
> > We have good tools for editing XML, which are much better than
> > the tools we have for editing non-TextFormattingRules wiki texts.
> The point is: All you need to edit wiki syntax effectively is a plain
> text field (and optionally an inline spell checker). Really, wiki syntax
> is that easy. In contrast to XML where you suddenly need "good tools" in
> order to edit effectively.

I'm too lazy to set up a real MUA to make sure this is sent properly given the 
fact that I'm responding from the web archives so I'm also sending it 
privately in case any of this is worth repeating.

Txt2tags can output moinmoin markup allowing for authoring offline or outside 
of X. Use that and translate plain text files. 


Recent versions of moinmoin have a limited WYSIWYG editor.   It will also 
reproduce formatting generated by copying and pasting documents from 
microsoft word.  If the debian wiki is still using the moinmoin 1.3 packages 
from sarge, which netcraft has me suspecting, it's prehistoric.  Judgments on 
moinmoin's suitability as a platform should not be made on the basis of 
experience with those packages alone.

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