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Re: Address does not work!

* Alexsander Farias <alxsanderfs@oi.com.br> [2007-04-25 20:58]:
>    I've tried to access today, for the first time, the address 
> http://manpages.debian.net/, but the only thing that it showed was "it 
> works". Is that right?

 manpages.debian.net is not an official service from Debian (as can be
seen by debian.NET domain instead of debian.ORG) and thus not run by the
Debian organization.

 As can be seen by the manpages.debian.net TXT record it is under the
administration of Frank Lichtenheld - propably he isn't finished with
setting it up yet...  (Cc'ed Frank so he might be able to add additional

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