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Re: Improvements of the website


Personally i think it would be better if the content of the site was split up. There are basically two types of people that use the debian website; end users and developers/contributers. There reasons for going to the site are completely different, so why not have two seperate sites?

This would mean that debian.org would contain all the content for people who are un-tech savvy and would only contain content such as stable distributions, untechnical news (new software etc), security advice in a user friendly way, software downloads, basic documentation etc. The point im trying to make is that this site should contain only the information that an end user is interested in and they shouldn't have to wade through development talk in order to get what they want. I also think that the content on the site is too technical for the average user and would put many people off using debian. I propose that the users site is more like (dare is say it) microsofts website.

The second site would use the subdomain developers.debian.org and would contain all the current content which a developer would want.

The method behind my madness is that not many un-techyend user would want to download an unstable version of debian and therefore the link is pointless,clutters the page and confuses the user. Also no end user would want to see the development documentation and again is unneccesary. By providing the end user with all these extra links simply poses a risk of them downloading wrong content e.g. unstable releases and makes the whole 'debian experience' over complicated.

I hope this makes sense, i know its a drastic measure but personally i think it would help make end users more at home. The current website i feel would put off new users as its over complicated.



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