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Re: Persian Translation of the web pages

Hi Abbas,

On Thu, Apr 19, 2007 at 08:26:21PM +0330, Abbas Esmaeeli Some'eh wrote:
> We translate some web pages to Persian and now want someone to put them
> (attached)  on the repository. And also:

great news, please continue.

> 1) Please remove the "farsi" directory on the repository and add the
> "persian" directory to put these Persian files. Because in English, our
> language's correct name is Persian, not Farsi. (It is written "Persian"
> in the po/langs.*.po file too)

I'm not sure whether this is useful. Please note that we use CVS which
is unable to move directories without loosing history. Maybe it's an
option to rename the directory on the server, but this would fake the
history ...

Since the CVS directory structure is an internal detail and there were
already discussions about switching to another version control system
I suggest to keep it currently as it is.

> 2)Please add Iran to the po/countries.*.po file.
> Other new translations will be send to you in future.

I have not yet committed because I want to know whether you agree with
working in farsi/ for now or not.

PS: Could you please explain the difference between Farsi and Persian?


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