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Re: some other designs for the debian website

* Grégoire Duchêne <duchene.g@gmail.com> [2007-04-18 19:21]:
> I agree, there is too many rounder corners (and if you don't see them in
> Konqueror, this is because I use a Mozilla trick, which is only available
> with Gecko engine).

 Please don't make a "design" depending on such things - we don't want
to recommend any specific browser/rendering engine to our users.  You
should stick to standard compliance where ever possible, that is more
the Debian spirit, IMHO at least.

 So long,
"Wer sich die Netiquette ansieht, wird feststellen, dass sie keine
Zaehne hat, nicht wie ein Joch aussieht und sich auch nicht wie eine
Knute anfuehlt." (Christoph von Nathusius in de.soc.netzkultur)

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