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some other designs for the debian website

Grégoire Duchêne napisal(a):
> I updated the draft, with a new layout and new colors :
> http://duchene.g.googlepages.com/index2.html
> You still can view the first draft here : http://duchene.g.googlepages.com/index.html.
> Cheers,

I like this touch of green acidity to the debian colors, but I am not a
big fan of to many rounded zones.

a few other interressting css : 

by myself as a refreshed but not new design :

by Madcoder for Debian France :

designs proposed in the past, but the submitter disappeared : (as far as
I remind, they have been appreciated by the last as no other one has
ever been)

concerning the design scope, I think we should define a Debian palette then have a try to renew completetly the layout 

Under the CSS scope, we have to ensure that the design is completely
fluid with respect to the window size, and font size.

I will gather old interresting design proposal and put them on the wiki
(on a separate design page, since design / backend / structure issues
are not the same).


Simon Paillard

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