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Re: some other designs for the debian website

On Wednesday 18 April 2007 18:37, Simon Paillard wrote:
> Grégoire Duchêne napisal(a):
> > I updated the draft, with a new layout and new colors :
> > http://duchene.g.googlepages.com/index2.html
> > You still can view the first draft here :
> > http://duchene.g.googlepages.com/index.html. Cheers,
> I like this touch of green acidity to the debian colors, but I am not a
> big fan of to many rounded zones.

OK, go the two alternatives now. In general I like the second one better.

Note that I normally view webpages in konqueror, which shows things a bit 
different from fi^Wiceweasel:
- http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/new_konq.png
- http://people.debian.org/~fjp/tmp/new_ice.png

For some reason the fonts render a lot bigger in konqueror than in 
iceweasel and I lose the rounded corners...

I don't like all the roundings much; some is OK, but this is too much. 
They also cause problems that text can run outside the area (see Recent 
Security in the iceweasel screenshot).

The main navigation bar should IMO use the full width of the screen. The 
vertical bars are not really nice when items in the bar are wrapped to a 
second line.

I have one problem with using two side columns: they really reduce the 
area for real content on the page. The width of the screenshots is how I 
personally prefer to have my webbrower: at just over half of screen 
width. Using two side columns may be OK for the homepage (depending on 
the actual content in the main area), but is not for most other pages.

IMO the text for "What is Debian" is too long for a side column.

IMO the background for "Recent news" and the page footer is not good. The 
footer is not separated enough from the real content as both are too 
light. I'd suggest either no background for both, or a common background 
for main content and footer over the whole length of the page. In both 
cases there should be a clear separator between main content and footer.

Note that we have a few pages that use a lot of width. These must be 
reasonably supported (or redesigned) as well; examples:
- http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/debian-installer/
- http://www.debian.org/releases/etch/installmanual

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