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Re: Switching away from CVS

On Friday 13 April 2007 13:32, Frank Lichtenheld wrote:
> > subversion
> Pro:
>  - Probably the easiest to migrate to because we can still use the
>    keyword method for (1) even though we have to adapt it somehow
>  - easier branching and merging than CVS. Still painful compared to
>    "new" VCS.
>  - allows checkout of random subdirectories
>  - Pretty stable from a client POV AFAICT
>  - all in all very similar to CVS. Contributors don't have to
>    learn much new stuff

- most translators are very comfortable using SVN, which is almost
  certainly not true for the other options
- if put on alioth allows for easier maintenance of who has commit access
  (independent of DSA)

> Contra:
>  - Doesn't really allow for decentralised development. SVK is
>    kinda a solution but a hack none-the-less

Which we don't really need for the website anyway IMO.

>  - all in all very similar to CVS. Is it really worth the effort?

Yes, in my experience SVN is a lot simpler to use than CVS and also a lot 
more robust.

Personally I am strongly in favor of a migration to SVN and would be 
against a migration to anything other than SVN.


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