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Switching away from CVS

I think that I'm not the only one who really dislikes using CVS; has
any thought been made to switching away from CVS to something else
(anything else?)[1]

Perhaps a poll among those who actively commit to the repository would
be useful to select a replacement?[2]

I think the viable replacements are (in no particular order):


but I may have missed some.

I'm pretty sure tailor is capable of switching to almost all of these
repository types,[3] so if worst comes to worst, we can revisit the
decision later, and we won't lose any history.

Don Armstorng

1: Primary reasons being that it makes it really, really difficult to
do any reorganizations of the website without loosing history, and
it's hard to do any work remotely.

2: Doesn't someone have a setup of devotee that can do this?

3: I know it works for cvs->bzr, having done that for debbugs.
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