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Etch Install fails to detect DVD within Install stage

Really tearing my hair out here. Had problems with Raid PERC controller 
with Sarge so hoping Etch works. Ordered the DVDs. Stuck em in today in 
USB attached DVD drive. Installer loads then fails to Detect CD-Rom. 

Why oh why!!! 

It detects fine with Sarge DVDs. It seems Etch installer fails to load 
USB modules therefore doesnt see drive. 

I can even Load Sarge DVDs swap to new Etch DVDs before detecting/mount 
CD-Rom stage and it picks up and identifies Etch CD present!!! And then 
of course install fails because different kernel to one loaded. I can 
get to command shell then and ls the DVDs contents. 

Is there some dirty hack I can do at this stage to install Etch from 
this point. 

How on earth can this be that older version loads the drivers I need to 
install from the USB drive but the latest not. 

Debian is great once up but had so many issues last few months get the 
dang thing up. 

Any help or advice greatly appreciated

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