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Re: Switching away from CVS

Don Armstrong <don@debian.org> wrote:
> I think that I'm not the only one who really dislikes using CVS; has
> any thought been made to switching away from CVS to something else
> (anything else?)[1]

Search the list archive.

I don't think there's a compelling reason to switch yet, but if there
is to be a switch:

> subversion

I feel there's no sense moving from one obsolete centralised
architecture to another.

> git

This works well and also has some CVS compatibility, which could help
people who don't upgrade yet.

> bazar
> mercurial

I've not enough recent experience of these two.

> darcs

Is this the one that depends on GHC which requires GHC to build?  (OK,
not a problem for debian systems, but I sometimes edit from a
non-debian machine.)

> tla

Better than svn, not as common or popular as git.  I've yet to break
it, though.

Hope that helps,
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