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Bug#215430: ADV: Bug#215430: chinese pages don't build on non-i386

On 12/04/07, Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> wrote:
On Thu, Apr 12, 2007 at 05:36:41PM +0800, Anthony Wong wrote:
> Because this bug report has not been closed since Jutta proposed a
> solution, I have tried to abolish the use of autogb during the Chinese
> webpages build process and use iconv instead. During to this switch, i
> discovered some typos in the original Chinese pages. All the changes
> can be found in the attached patch file. I've compared the generated
> HTMLs of using autogb and iconv, and iconv does the job perfectly, it
> will even terminate when there's something wrong during the encoding
> conversion, while autogb does not. This helps translators to spot
> what's wrong in their files.

Seems to work fine.

A question though: Which files can be removed from chinese/bin
after applying your patch?
Currently I have removed all these without seeing any problems:

R bin/autogb
R bin/b5togb
R bin/b5tou7
R bin/b5tou8
R bin/b5touni
R bin/gbtob5
R bin/gbtou7
R bin/gbtou8
R bin/gbtouni
R bin/u7tob5
R bin/u7togb
R bin/u7tou8
R bin/u7touni
R bin/u8tob5
R bin/u8togb
R bin/u8tou7
R bin/u8touni
R bin/unitou7
R bin/unitou8

Or are some of them still useful for something?

All of the files you mentioned are not used any more and can be removed.

Anthony Wong

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