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Re: New Debian Site

* Mathieu Stumpf (Mathieu.Stumpf@urs.u-strasbg.fr) [061115 12:28]:
> Okay, I'm open to any criticism on what I did.
> I've made some modifications on the html this time (but nothing important): 
> look the planche2.*
> http://psychoslave.free.fr/debian/site/

I know that it is a bit unfair from me to just give it a short look and
go on - sorry.

I now gave it a longer look.

Some things are indeed eye-candies. I like the new vertical line. The
menu style (in general) also looks good.

What doesn't look so good to me is the black background - that makes the
whole site so dark.

> Also any criticism on one of the 4 artwork you can find  here 
> http://psychoslave.free.fr/debian/ are welcome. Maybe you really don't like 
> any of it, let me know why, and what you would be better according to you.

To most of the artwork the lines above apply - they're nice in the
details, but the color doesn't look too good to me (and that has an
overwheelming effect on me). The debian4 looks better to me, but still -
I'm not convinced by the artwork up to now (which is only *one* small
part of it that makes the whole impression).


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