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Re: New Debian Site

Augusto Frausin wrote:
> I have been a Linux fan for years. Although I am not as competent as I
> would like to be, I am slowly gaining experience.
> I have been trying to understand the reason for which Ubuntu is
> gaining so much popularity among the linux world.
> What I have come up with, might be an wierd idea, but I thought it
> would have been interesting anyhow to share my thoughts.
> In the past years inexperienced users (by inexperienced I mean those
> who have just started using linux OS) have been increasing
> exponentially. Now, if I were an new linux user and came across Ubuntu
> and Debian, after having visited the two sites, I would have no doubt
> of choosing Ubuntu:
> The Ubuntu has a more friendly look, compared to that of the too
> serious and, if I may say, "old", of the Debian site.
> Now I personally think that most of the times a site reflects the
> quality of the product it's selling, and I think that the Debian's
> site does not reflect it as well as it could.
> I am still young (17 years old), but I have been interested in
> webdesign for a very long time, and now have gained an advance
> experience (I also took part in University courses at Harvard of
> Webdevelopment). I would love to help out the linux world and would be
> very happy to collaborate in creating a new site for Debian or if you
> would like I could send you a gif of what I think could be an
> interesting idea for a new site.
> If you are interested in my proposal, please let me know,
> Thank you for your time, hope to hear from you soon,
> Augusto Frausin
> PS. Sorry for the grammatical errors but I am Italian!
Nice post and I rally agree with your assesment. Unfortunatly there is
not a lot going on in these lists. I also offered my help but find it
hard to find out where to start. I was thinking to gather a bunch of
webdevelopers and to develop a new website prototype to show what is

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