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Re: identity theft?

On Tuesday 25 July 2006 16:44, you wrote:
> While doing a Google search of myself I came across this message posted
> on your message board:
> Hello, I was wondering if its possible to donate to Debian via Paypal. I
> see how to donate via SPI with a credit card. But I would perfer to
> donate with Paypal if possible.
> Harrison Metzger

> This is to notify you that I have never sent your organization any such
> e-mail, and the one you have listed I guess as a return address,
> harrisonmetz@gmail.com is not mine. I am concerned that someone posed
> as me and wrongly used my name. Please remove  this person's message
> from your message board immediately and notify whoever sent it not to
> use other people's names.

> I seriously doubt this is another person with the same name.

Why do you seriously doubt that. In this case that seems to me the most 
likely explanation. In the context of our project, the message is 
entirely valid.
As I also cannot see how this message can cause you any problems even if 
it were true, we are not going to honor your request.

See also our mailing list policy:

With kind regards,
Frans Pop
(Debian list archives administrator)

P.S. The message you sent and this reply are now also publicly archived, 
and no, those will not be removed either.

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