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Re: [Debian Wiki] Update of "FrontPage" by DavidMorenoGarza

David Moreno Garza wrote:
> Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
>> But these updated is making it hard for me keep the Norwegian
>> Translation up-to-date. I've watched the updates for some time, and I
>> guess it's clear to everyone that translating the FrontPageNews is a
>> task that is impossible to keep up with. I could automaticly discard the
>> changes made by DavidMorenoGarza, but that might lead to discarding
>> other changes that he might do. I dont know if it's possible in
>> moinmoin, but other wikis have the possibility to "transclude".
> I'm sorry if I didn't understand right. Were you willing to discard my
> account on the wiki? Please clarify since I didn't get your point
> correctly.

Ok, I'll rephrase:

I'm trying to keep a translated FrontPage in Norwegian, on

But to translate FrontPageNews is an Impossible job (well, it's not
impossible, but it doesn't pay the bill to do the work, and it prevents
me from doing the work that does pay the bill) , and it's of little use
to translate everything. What I propose is to keep some page
FrontPageNewsFeed (I noticed that you have explained about FronPageNews
on, yes, the page FrontPageNews).

Then we could have something like this on the FrontPage:
= Latest official and unofficial Debian-related news =

Then the translators could write something like (not translated now, but
you get the concept I hope):
= Latest official and unofficial Debian-related news =
These links are mostly in English

That way, I could remove the filter I have that says that updates done
by DavidMorenoGarza should be filed under Debian/Wiki, and automaticly
marked read.
If DavidMorenoGarca later changes something, I would still notice, and
act, either by ignoring the update, or translate what he updated.

I do want to include the news from FrontPage onto the translated
StartSide but I do not want to edit the page every 6th hour.

> I don't see the front page as an static web page. Joey did a great job
> by organizing it and I think more dynamic content could be brought on
> several ways (I've been also thinking on featuring a 'page of the week'
> and placing it on the front page too). I understand most of these
> changes won't be trackable for translation but I also think only the
> main information on the front page should be translated (I like to see
> Wikipedia's front page as a great example to follow).

I dont either see the front page as a static page, but I do think we
should have translated pages of the fronpage, and maybe later, when we
get the manpower, also translate some other pages. But to ease the
burden of the translators, I ask to have the dynamic content on
"feed"'s, and instead including them on the frontpage.

I have no problem updating the page once or twice a week, but every 6th
hour ? no way.

Finn-Arne Johansen
faj@bzz.no http://bzz.no/
Debian-edu developer and Solution provider
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