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Re: CD vendors to be reviewed

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 11:12:24PM +0200, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> What would be even cooler: The user has a form, where he can specify wher 
> the shipment goes to (you may add your sorting by locale idea here), and 
> chooses which architecure and which kind of medium he would like to have 
> (and perhaps checkboxes for "not together with non-free", "only official 
> CDs, no vendor releases" or perhaps even "only pressed nothing burned").

You could _fully_automatically_ restrict the results to the country that 
the visitor comes from, by using geoip. :)

However, you'll run into trouble setting this up on the Debian servers, 
where you cannot install a script just like that... IMHO, it's a good 
idea to first fix the more pressing issue of eliminating stale entries, 
and keep the static pages for the time being.

> Currently we don't have all the data available for that; some vendors 
> sell for example alpha and ia-64 on CD, but i386 only on DVD.  And for 
> some vendors Debian got to big: They sell parts of the officla disc sets.

I think the DVD-related info is wrong for many entries: Lots of vendors 
sell DVDs but this is not listed.

> > Second, the Debian CD page should be automatically downloaded. If the 
> > current distribution cannot be found (e.g. the string "3.1 rev2" does not 
> > occur), then also remove them from the listing after some time.
> > 
> > ...or something like that. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to set this 
> > up as part of the regular build of the www pages.
> It's even more difficult:  Some have 3.1r0 DVDs and add upgrade CDs
> later.

3.1r0+upgrade should be listed as 3.1r2 (or whatever is applicable as the 
result of the upgrade) on our page.

> Checking for specific srings on the website could become very
> complicate, since there are to many of them.

Oh, IMHO that's not a problem: We have a certain power because an entry on 
our page means real cash for vendors. So we can just demand: "Put that 
string on your web page or we will not list you." People will get this idea 
pretty quickly... ;-)



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