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Re: CD vendors to be reviewed

On Wed, May 31, 2006 at 08:09:39PM +0200, Alexander Schmehl wrote:
> If no one else volunteers (or has a good idea on how to automate checking 
> the contents for up-to-dateness), I'll try to do that as my time permits 
> to keep that data in good shape.

That would be very cool!

We also need a more sane format for the vendor information in vendors.CD. A 
format similar to Mirrors.masterlist would be nice, and a script which 
sorts the vendors according to the locale of the language used on the page. 
Oh, and eliminate spelling out the full shop URL, only create a link, and 
make the table more compact in the process, and... and... :-)

> Might be a good idea, to add a log file, which vendor got pinged by 
> whome, and what their reaction and consequence was.

IMHO it would be useful if there were two different mechanisms: First, a 
mail should be sent to vendors at regular intervals, with a link they must 
click on. If they do not click on the link (i.e. do not read mail sent to 
their official contact address), then remove them from the list after a 

Second, the Debian CD page should be automatically downloaded. If the 
current distribution cannot be found (e.g. the string "3.1 rev2" does not 
occur), then also remove them from the listing after some time.

...or something like that. Unfortunately, it is a bit difficult to set this 
up as part of the regular build of the www pages.



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