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Re: CD vendors to be reviewed


* Matt Kraai <kraai@ftbfs.org> [060531 06:32]:

> I don't think this is true anymore.  Based on the CVS logs, it looks
> like a variety of people have been working on the list, so I think it
> should be safe for anyone to update it.

Well, I think the other editing the file might haven't seen the
statement in the header, like I did ;)

* Martin Schulze <joey@infodrom.org> [060530 19:06]:

> Tolimar informed me that several CD vendors that we list on
> <http://www.debian.org/CD/vendors/> are not reachable by the links we
> provide.

A colleague at work told me that.  So I checked the german vendors yesterday
(there are two with quite outdated, I pinged both, one mail bounced, the
other one said they will update their offerings soon).

This shows us an important fact:  Checking the URLs is not enough (all
german vendors had valid URLs), someone needs to check the content of
the URLs too (and I think that can't be automated).  Guess that would be
my job, since I set the ball rolling...

If no one else volunteers (or has a good idea on how to automate
checking the contents for up-to-dateness), I'll try to do that as my
time permits to keep that data in good shape.

Might be a good idea, to add a log file, which vendor got pinged by
whome, and what their reaction and consequence was.

Yours sincerely,


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