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Re: Visual problems on the front page

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Am 01.04.2006 um 01:27 schrieb Richard Atterer:

For example:
Rounded corners: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/customcorners/

Works for boxes only, not usable for the buttons in the navbar

Graphical navbars: http://www.alistapart.com/articles/slidingdoors/

This are usable nice as tabs (round corners only top, not at bottom. Can be used with changed design.

Hm, yes - but IMHO the lack of a good navigation menu on the Debian website is a much more severe problem than whether some rounded corners are jagged
or not, or whether the design looks "cool".

That is the problem... And we still need an outline of the page structure (not that on the file system) to create a good navigation. Who volunteers to start with it?

Part of my academic research is about web usability. It /might/ be possible
for me to arrange a medium-scale usability evaluation (~60 student
participants) for the Debian website. This will result in a list of
problems which need to be fixed.

60 are not really representative. But they may give us ideas, what is needed. - Where the typical Debian user/admin is not a student, I think.

However, this kind of thing only makes sense once the obvious problems have
been fixed. Jutta is currently mostly alone with this immense task, so
progress is slow despite the large amount of time she invests in the

Every help is welcome, help can also be investigating some oft the open problems, testing pages with different browsers, finding people who test the accessibiliy (especially comparing how the content is presented)...



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