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Re: Visual problems on the front page

Hello again,

Jutta Wrage wrote:
If you want to help get the cvs tree and make patches and examples. You can find more about helping at http://www.us.debian.org/devel/website/. Feel free to make examples for adjusted css. You may also submit a working CSS stylesheet to this maling list, so that we could test it somewhere.
I felt the idea of making the rounded corners beautiful instead of ugly was a contribution in itself. I understand the culture of the meritocracy, where every suggestion are responded to with a "do it yourself", but I reserve the right to come with suggestions without being the one to implement them. However, I will not exclude the possibility that I might send a patch in the future.

About the rounded corners: the are gecko-only and inserted to have the round corners from the old layout, which was using tables and images. Either they will be removed or replaced by CSS3-corners, when CSS3 is implemented in browsers. I am not sure, if people like me to remove them just now. ;-)
If it was up to me, I would introduce CSS-corners right away, even if the fallback was square corners. Everything is better than jagged edges. :-) Doing it the same way as the majority of pages with rounded corners (images in the corners, without jagged corners), is also a possibility.

Best regards,
  Alexander Rødseth

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