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Re: Visual problems on the front page

Jutta Wrage wrote:
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Am 31.03.2006 um 10:59 schrieb Alexander Rødseth:

Here's a page a just made about rounded corners, which includes a screenshot of how jagged the corners look at my computer:

1. Tables are for tabular data! Use semantic markup!
2. We have had such corners in a table layout, which took a lot of hours unpaid work to be removed.
3. your example goes totally jagged with large font setting.

rounded corners could work nice with font large font settings.

I really doesn't want to start a war about the table thing,...
Once i thought the same way
"tables shouldn't be in  designs!"
But with, there are several things that are much easier!
For example this rounded edges :p just try to do this without tables. I know how painful
this will be.

I personally am convinced that having page working for _everyone_ is much more importand than image corners with invalid HTML. And no. if they would look that ugly you try to make us believe, someone would have noted out that a year ago already.

Not an option, if you want to display the navbar well with font-sizes from very small up to extremely large. For larger text boxes images are an option, for small ones like the blue ones in the navbar, not.

Why isn't it an option?

Because the pages are for _everyone_ and have not to be broken for people with bad eyes. If you do not understand, why breaking accessibility is not an option, I cannot do anything by that.

We have to care that 22,000 page work with the layout. That needs several hundred vountary work a year. So it might be enough for you: we will have another solution for the corners, if ther is one, which is really an option without breaking accessibility.



I think its good idea to give the debian website a new look. (this edges aren't relay important, aren't they?) Take a look at the "new" python website [1] for example. The design just look... "modern" - and.. yes.. the debian page looks much better with large fonts :p

I'm not that familiar with this accessibility to estimate it right. All I know are theories.

Perhaps it would be a good idea to ask a bit around - for people for who this is done and ask them, what they like about the page and what they don't like at the page it is now. And what they use to browse the page, some screenshots from it etc might help more than discuss what some here think might be good for them.

Florian Ludwig

[1] www.python.org

ps. where can i find a up to date ToDo?

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