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Re: Debian CSS and menu changes

On Sun, Nov 13, 2005 at 12:22:05PM +0100, Jutta Wrage wrote:
> 1. The menu on the left ( I used hover there and the area clickable  
> for a link is larger now. The ugly <br> iside the menu are removed.)

The menu looks almost like it did before, so if it's cleaner "behind the 
scenes", that's great! :)

Your new HTML seems to have less padding around the menu entries. IMHO a 
little more, especially to the left of the menu entries, wouldn't hurt.

> 2. The colors [1]. This is just a suggestion and not related directly to 
> the othere changes in the menu.

This is of course very much a matter of personal preferences, but here's my 2¢:

- Overall: Looks pretty cool!
- The blue of the links is "too blue" compared to the grey-blue of the 
  navbar/menu. Maybe try making it a fairly dark blue.
- The pink of hovered-over links is completely out of place!
- The white hover colour for the menu entries is too light. It should be a 
  light blue, so that the effect is comparable to the colour change in the 
- There is too much blue, there urgently needs to be some red in the main 
  part of the page, also to balance the red from the Debian logo and the 
  "select a server".

As for the last point, here are some suggestions on how to give a warmer 
colour to some parts of the main content:

- Add an ornamental, slim vertical red bar at the very left or right of the 
  page, over the entire page height
- Make <hr> red
- Make the font colour for <h1> etc a very dark red
- Make the background of <h1> etc a very light pink (dunno, might look 
  stupid! :-)
- Add a background image with some light red in it, for example a faint, 
  very large, blurred Debian logo.

> [1] We need a nice color scheme fitting to the logo colour and the  
> color of the CD logo. I am sure a designer can do that better than  
> me. Anybody knowing someone volunteering to do that for free?

WRT the CD logo, I'd first come up with a nice overall colour scheme and 
then adapt that logo.

Um, I love to play with colours and to design web pages - BUT unfortunately 
I've learned that it can be very frustrating to try to satisfy a large 
audience... no matter what you come up with, someone will call it BS.

FWIW, my designs usually also involve a little more ornamental graphics 
(background, icons etc), not sure if this would be welcome.



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