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Re: Just English

On Monday 24 October 2005 16:33, HAF wrote:
> I live & work in Brussels, Belgium.  To access your site I use the
> following url: http://www.uk.debian.org/, which opens the home page in

I would suggest using http://www.nl.debian.org/ (or .de.) instead. Should 
give you better performance.

> English.  But when I click on a link, the link always opens in French.
> I assume this is because the machine I use to access your site is
> located in a French-speaking country (actually only partly because in
> Belgium there are three official languages).

No, the language that is shown has nothing to do with the country you are 
in. The debian website does use content negotiation though and will 
display be default the language that is set as the preferred language *in 
your browser*.

So I suggest you take a look at your preferences in whatever browser you 
are using.


P.S. I am Dutch, but I normally view the website in English without any 

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