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Seeking a reputable source for information on HTML coding .. please read (September 27, 2005)

Some of my clients are searching online for a reputable source for
information on HTML coding/programming. My job is to find one place to work
with. I'd like to discuss an arrangement with you.

Please contact me at your earliest convenience. I will be in today
(Tuesday) from 8:00 AM PST to 5:00 PM PST. You'll need to be at your
computer when you call me. Please call when you have a few minutes and I
will a> demonstrate how you would benefit from what we do and b> answer any
and all questions you have.

Best Regards,

Richard Meyers
Business Segment Analyst, Star Position

Phone (US): 877.732.5128 ext 2005
Outside US: 858.217.4934

PS: It is my job to send my clients looking from the search 
engines to one place at the exact moment they are looking. 
We have over 17,400,000 people on our network, and growing. 
The users on our Network are the clients I am referring to.

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