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Re: plural forms in website translations

On Wednesday 03 August 2005 19:33, Eugeniy Meshcheryakov wrote:
> Really? How about this (рядок = string):
> 1 рядок
> 2 рядки
> ...
> 5 рядків
> ...
> 21 рядок
> 22 рядки
> 25 рядків
> ....
> 1000 рядків
> 1001 рядок
> 1002 рядки

Wow. You guys should really start thinking about switching to a less 
complex language ;-)
I guess that makes translating any strings involving plurals a problem.

I know gettext has some support for differentiating between, IIRC, 0, 1, 2 
and more. But support for something as fine grained as this...

I'm afraid I have no solution. In theory, for a website, it should be 
possible to script it, but I have now idea what the Debian website 
supports in that area. The scripts that are currently used to build the 
pages work for all languages and that's not really what's needed here.

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