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Bug#275909: Please fix 275909

Aurelian Melinte wrote:

On 10-02-2005, at 03h 13'22", Matt Kraai wrote about "Bug#275909: Please
fix 275909"

Ionel or Aurelian, would one of you please fix 275909, which reports
some problems with the Romanian web site translation?

I spoke with Aurelian when I join the translation efforts, and we are
going to stick to the rules pre-1992, when writing Romanian. Maybe we
should add that info somewhere on the Romanian page.


I subscribe to what Ionel says - when we were in school, we used old
orthography, hence translation.  Changing translations to new one - if
decided - will take some time, unless team grows :)...
Or some script that does that automatically, comes up. If I make that script, will you run it over the web pages?

I am already working on it... (It shouldn't be that hard).

To Ionel: With all do respect, there is no phonetic breakage. â is pronounced the same way î is, while "sunt" is a correct version of the verb "a fi"="to be", as it was before the communist period in Romania - we all know how many bad things happened during communism in RO; â is also the old correct version. Please do not forget that the name of our country is "România" not "Romînia". This was the only word that remained written with the correct old form. The name of our country is the strongest evidence that the rules were not applied abusively.

Relative to the s with cedilla/s with comma, you are right. Let's hope for Debian's world domination plan works and we will not have to worry about incomplete fonts in other O$-e$ ;) .


I had a favourite quote, but I forgot it. And it was insightful.

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