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Bug#275909: Please fix 275909

> On 10-02-2005, at 03h 13'22", Matt Kraai wrote about "Bug#275909: Please
> fix 275909"
> > Howdy,
> > 
> > Ionel or Aurelian, would one of you please fix 275909, which reports
> > some problems with the Romanian web site translation?
> > 
> I spoke with Aurelian when I join the translation efforts, and we are
> going to stick to the rules pre-1992, when writing Romanian. Maybe we
> should add that info somewhere on the Romanian page.


I subscribe to what Ionel says - when we were in school, we used old
orthography, hence translation.  Changing translations to new one - if
decided - will take some time, unless team grows :)...


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