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Bug#275909: Please fix 275909

On 10-02-2005, at 03h 13'22", Matt Kraai wrote about "Bug#275909: Please fix 275909"
> Howdy,
> Ionel or Aurelian, would one of you please fix 275909, which reports
> some problems with the Romanian web site translation?
> -- 
> Matt

Dear Matt,

I had a look at
http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=275909, and there is
nothing to be fixed :-)

Basically there are some complains about the new orthography of
writing Romanian which was abusively imposed by Romanian Academy in
1992. Most of the people rejected it, but the young generation was
raise with it.

There are basically 2 rules:

 -  "sînt" (s<i with circumflex>nt) become "sunt" and
 -  any "î" (i with circumflex) inside words become "â" (<a with
circumflex), except when composing words, if the second would start
with "î" (i with circumflex), it will stay as it is.

I spoke with Aurelian when I join the translation efforts, and we are
going to stick to the rules pre-1992, when writing Romanian. Maybe we
should add that info somewhere on the Romanian page.

The most important complained against the new orthography (post-1992)
is that it destroy the phoneticy of the language.

Best regards,

P.S. There more pressing problems besides s/î/â/, the fact that in
Debian the Romanian pages are in ISO-8859-2, while it should be in
ISO-8859-16 (e.g. <s cedilla> should be <s comma> and <t cedilla>
should be <t comma>), but microsoft doesn't support ISO-8859-16 and
using UTF-8 would not solve the problem since the two glyphs are
absent in almost all available fonts...

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