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Re: correct language extension for pt_BR?

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org> schrieb am 01.02.05 23:21:01:
> Hi.
> I'm somewhat confused about the right extension of filenames
> for languages with sublanguages like .pt_BR or .zh_TW. I came
> across this issue while working on the pages for the sarge install
> manual which will include a pt_BR translation (but a pt_PT translation
> is also in preparation, so going for .pt isn't possible).

Please note that it's not always possible to replace xx_YY by a xx
default locale since zh is not valid but zh_TW and zh_CN are.
> The current policy for older release notes and install manuals
> (regarding zh_*) seems to be: HTML files -> .zh-tw, .zh-cn, etc.
> other formats -> .zh_TW, .zh_CN, etc. However, I wasn't able to find any
> motivation for this confusing naming scheme.
> The default configuration of apache seems to imply .zh-tw to be correct,
> but this doesn't explain why we use another scheme for the non-HTML
> files?
> Anyone who can shed some light on this? (IIRC we had this discussion
> already about one or two years ago on this list but I seem not be able
> to find the right keywords for a search...)

I hope it's OK to extent this discussion to directory layouts/filenames
since this is indeed very inconsistent.

I was also not able to find the discussion but a related thread opened
by Osamu: http://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2002/05/msg00118.html

The best argument for pt_BR is that debiandoc-sgml expects this and the
Makefile is simple without need to substitute.
Quoting Josip Rodin (http://lists.debian.org/debian-doc/2002/11/msg00080.html):
"documentname-languagecode.typeextension is simply wrong, _especially_ when
there are hyphens in the document name, too." He refers to another discussion
a few years ago.

>From a discussion on qref-developers (private list)
(New directory structure (was New translation -- Chinese (Simplified))   
2003-06-28 00:35):

 The problem is that sgml doesn't support "_" in entity names, so it's not 
 possible to use
 <!ENTITY full-title "Referência Debian">
 <!ENTITY full-title "Referência Debian">

 use pt-br, zh-tw, zh-cn for package names (debian/rules), because _ and 
 capitals are invalid!? (Another problem using pt_BR would be 
 incompatibility with older "reference-pt-br" packages, so we have to use 
 pt-br.) (What file and directory names should be used, pt_BR or pt-br?)

Osamu preferred pt-br instead of pt_BR at least for directories but I
cannot remember why.

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