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RFC: directory naming for install manual?

Hi again :)

As the whole build process, source code, organisation, etc. for the
install manual changed anyway, it was discussed also to change the
directory structure of the release documentation on www.d.o.

Currently we use the following structure (up to woody):

 <release> / <arch> / release-notes.<lang>.{pdf,txt}
                      release-notes / index.<lang>.html
		      index.<lang>.html (looks like a CD specific file)

It was proposed to switch to a more symmetric structure:
(release-notes like above)

 <release> / <arch> / install.<lang>.{pdf,txt}
                      install / index.<lang>.html
 (the CD specific index.html isn't present anymore in the current
  install manual)


 - symmetric, logic structure
 - <arch>/ now gives a list of available files rather than displaying
   the index.html


 - differs from previous releases, simple URL "rethinking" by
   s/woody/sarge/ isn't possible anymore in all cases
 - <arch>/ has no index.html anymore (yes, I listed this both as
   pro and contra, choose one ;)

If we choose to stay with the old structure there is a second question:
should one rename the index file of the manual from install.html to
index.html as there is no separate index.html anymore?

Looking for comments...

Frank Lichtenheld <djpig@debian.org>
www: http://www.djpig.de/

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