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Re: enterprise debian

On Mon, Dec 01, 2003 at 01:34:17PM +0100, Alexander Kitzberger wrote:
> I would like to start a debian sub-project called enterprise debian
> or similar.
> This project may be available unter www.debian.org/enterprise/

AFAIK, all other custom distro subprojects have a
http://www.d.o/devel/debian-foo locations so you'll probably want to
emulate this.

I'm not a -www regular, but I can give you some advice based on my own

When I started Debian-NP, I had a mailing list at another site and a
website offsite as well (although I did give it a debian.net domain to
make it easy for people to remember). We did some work and we rallied
a lot of Debian people with a d-d-a announcement and the like. We ended
up with 140 or so people on the mailing list, a website translated
into a couple of languages, a little bit of code, and a lot of
energy. We worked a whole lot on wiki.debian.net.

From this point, transitioning the the list and website to d.o was
easy and there were plenty of people willing to help.

If the energy is already clear (it's difficult for me to determine
this from -devel but it seems like its the sort of idea that will
generate energy) you need to, at the very least, get some content
together and begin to move forward with your project. :)

Starting an Alioth project is something that -np did later but it may
be a very good first step for -enterprise and will give you a d.o
website and much more. :)

Hope this helps.


Benjamin Mako Hill

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