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enterprise debian

I'm a debian user since years and our company provides also professional services for debian. But debian has some disadvantages
if you look at other big distributions.

The big commercial distributions have lots of references and success storiy on their homepage. Their distributions are also certified for
software like oracle of certified for specific hardware.

I would like to start a debian sub-project called enterprise debian
or similar.

This project may be available unter www.debian.org/enterprise/

The goal of this project is to make administratirs feel more save in coosing debian. And it should help other ones to choose debian for enterprise applications.

I found out that other companies and people in my area
are thinking the same way.
On  the list there are also some people discussing that:


I talked to joey about this last month. He told me to write in this list. If there is anybody else who wants to support this idea,
feel free to contact me.



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