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Re: Proposed addition to Debian web pages re: GNU FDL

Gerfried Fuchs <alfie@ist.org> writes:

>  It is no good for the (what I know) still unfinished discussion on
> that topic if want to spread even more FUD as there is already about
> it.

For what it's worth, I think the "discussion" on d-l will end only
when the participants die of exhaustion.  I believe Brandon will
announce the results of the d-l poll today (unless he has already and
I haven't gotten to it).  If it's the landslide it looks like it will
be, I think it's reasonable to take that as the decision, at least as
far as d-l is concerned.

We've been discussing this here for years (literally); if we wait for
unanimity we'll wait forever.  Unfortunately, we have a few folks here
who are continuing to make the same poorly thought out arguments over
and over again.  They've been asked (by myself and others) to either
take the time to make a coherent case or shut up, but so far have
failed to do so.  My personal advice is not to expect anything
fruitful from that sector.

> ,---------------------> Cite from the last DWN <------------------
> | Members of the FSF have approached us to give them some more time
> | to come up with a GNU FDL which is DFSG-free before we move
> | packages in question to non-free and experience bigger
> | controversies.
> `---------------------> Cite from the last DWN <------------------
>  We would definitely experience bigger controversies if we put this
> online at this stage of the discussion. Definitely the wrong time
> for the suggestion currently, thanks for trying to resolve the issue
> in a sensible way...

This probably should be resolved, because it seems to contradict
statements from RMS on d-l when he was asked about that:


Unfortunately, the statement in the DWN is third or fourth hand
information (unless it was the DWN folks which where approached...?),
and consequently it's very hard to know precisely what was said.

Jeremy Hankins <nowan@nowan.org>
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