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Re: Web pages/Debian/languages: Great!

I have taken this off the mailing list.  Please note both Peter and Alfie left it on list,
in violation of the newbies FAQ.

I did not put this on the list.  There are three possibilities you mgiht consider:

1)  There was a web page error and the mailing address was wrong to the web master (my actual correspondent).

2)  I made a mistake or did this intentionally and am unwiling to admit it.

3)  A viral attack or other spoof changed my mail addressing.

4)  AOL software, OS, browser or computer hardware error causing the address to be changed.

All unlikely except for #2 or #3.  I AM asserting that my mail WAS tot he web master by visual inspection;
I have been slammed once again.

In any of those cases, both Peter and Alfie should  have taken the responses off line. 

Read the newbies FAQ.

They did not.

I have on the response, with this one time only note to qualifymy apologies for the inclusion in the first place (hatever source).

     I have suffered from a spoofing/slamming attack for 5-15 years now.  Long discussion.

          Do NOT get involved.  Think of me as a crank (or worse) if need be.

     This attack corresponds to earlier Email to OTHER correspondents on this very topic.

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Subj: Re: Web pages/Debian/languages: Great!
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Uhm, is the huge Cc: list needed?  Maybe people interested can track

[Taken off list]

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